“I was very skeptical since the internet is often misleading, but was surprised by the excellent quality of the sexual harassment class. It was so useful that I am going to have recommend all my employees to visit this site.Thank you for providing such excellent materials for the general public.”

-Roxanne Wells.


“We researched several online providers for sexual harassment training. We chose this site because it offered a great product and worked with our HR department in customizing the course exactly how we needed. it. This is an excellent site.”

-Ashley H.


“Last year I used an on-site training to train our supervisors about sexual harassment. But it was very difficult to get all our employees together at the same time for a two hour training. So I had to schedule the trainer to come back to train the people he missed the first time around. All and all it was a very inconvenient and disruptive experience.

This year I tried your online training program and found it far easier to manage. Employees liked doing the class at their own pace and I appreciate the easy tracking that your program enabled.”

-Clarissa D.


“Excellent experience with this site. They are extremely supportive, communicative, and most importantly, will fight hard for you. It truly exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I highly recommend this site. They are always their to listen about the crisis you are facing due to harassments”



“Best decision I made was to hire these fantastic people to represent me during a harrowing experience with a previous employer. Thank you for all that you do.”